NES Reading Challenge

The NES Reading Challenge is a fun and exciting event that will hopefully encourage the children to like and enjoy reading. March is National Reading Month and so, for the entire month of March, every time a student finishes reading a book, they can write the book title, author, and their name on a paper that looks like a book binding (these are provided by the PTO and are available in all classrooms). The kids can then put these “books” on the “bookshelf” that will be located in the main stairwell of the school. (Understandably, the younger children that cannot read yet can be read to). Any book counts! The kids can read the books in school or at home (when your child finishes reading a book at home, simply remind them to fill out the “book” paper at school the next day). Last year, the kids read so many books, two more bookshelves had to be built!

Last year, the children of NES read 339 books!! 

The empty bookshelf on March 17, 2016

The full bookshelf on April 14, 2016










How many books will NES read this year??  It will be fun to find out! 

Empty Bookshelves 2017