Playground Project

The playground at Northfield Elementary School is a place where children gather at recess, after school, on the weekends and during vacations. Over the past several years, many dedicated volunteers have worked to improve the aging playground and have made many improvements including the installation of the ten spin, the creation of a natural fairy garden area, the construction of a sandbox and much more.

Now, it is time to replace the aging play structures since the current structures are about 20 years old and are showing their age. The Playground Committee has been working with a playground designer to create a newer, safer playground for our children. The plan is a work in progress and will include the replacement of both play structures, the replacement of the swings and the addition of new playground elements.

This is an ambitious project, but not an impossible one. In order to make this plan a reality, the PTO will need the help and support of the entire NES community and beyond. The Playground Committee is currently planning fundraisers and events that will support the goal of raising the funds needed to give the children a newer, safer playground that they can be proud of.

The Playground Committee meets monthly and everyone is welcome to attend these meetings. Attend one meeting, or attend many. If you are unable to attend a meeting, please email your suggestions to . Your help and input is always appreciated. Together, we can create a fun and safe new playground for our children and our community.

Garden Improvements – Summer 2017

In the spring of 2017, the garden behind the school started to get overgrown with weeds and there was no real organization to the area. A group of dedicated PTO volunteers decided to change that.                         During the school community day in June, students …

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Playground Improvements – Summer 2016

In August of 2016, there were many improvements that were made to the playground at NES. The shed was moved and renovated, the fire truck was installed, two new musical instruments were added, the little kids zip line was repaired, the big kids zip line steps were raised and the stump walk was installed.  There …

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