Playground Updates Summer 2015

Ten Spin Comes to NES Playground

Over the course of two weeks in August, some dedicated volunteers installed a new piece of playground equipment called the Ten Spin.  The Playground Committee chose to install this modern version of the old fashion merry-go-round that is designed for ages 2-12 and allows up to ten kids to play on at once.  The PTO would like to thank Missy Kalinowski, Aly Fisher, Serena Vassar, Ivan Vassar, Cheryl George, Craig George, Michael Dubin and Tony Streeter for their hard work in making this happen.  A huge thank you to Tom Walker and his crew from the Town Highway Department for digging out the area and hole for the center post and for arranging for the concrete to be poured.  Because of everyone’s hard work, the children now have something new to play on!




On Friday, August 28th, about a dozen NES students and parents gathered on the playground to paint, and in the process had a wonderful time making the playground more colorful!  The United States map will be fun for the kids to play on at recess and it will also be used by the students to learn about the states.  Thank you to all of the volunteers who came out to help!

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