The Play Structures

The playground at Northfield Elementary School is a place where children gather at recess, after school, on the weekends and during vacations. The NES playground is also a gathering place for many families and serves as a community park after school hours. The Town of Northfield has no other accessible playgrounds available to residents, visitors or passersby. While the town recreational fields behind the elementary school provide a space for children to engage in sporting activities, the Northfield Elementary School playground provides the only public community play structure on which children can learn and master important large motor skills, and improve strength and flexibility in a fun and engaging manner. Its central location and proximity to the athletic fields makes it a community anchor for many children and their families.

The NES PTO is the recipient of a $30,000 grant from the Town of Northfield’s Community Preservation Committee, pending approval from the residents of Northfield at Town Meeting on May 7th at 7:00pm in the PVRS auditorium. This grant will help to replace the play structures on the Northfield Elementary School playground in order to make them safer and more inviting for children, families and residents. Over the past several years, many dedicated volunteers have worked to improve the aging playground and have made significant improvements including the installation of musical playground equipment, the installation of the fire truck play equipment, the renovation of a storage shed that houses bikes and other playground toys, the creation of a natural fair garden area, the installation of a stump walk, the construction of a sand box area, the renovation of the two zip lines, the installation of the ten spin, the renovation of the school garden, and the installation of two new swing sets .

It is now time to replace the aging play structures since the current structures are approximately 20 years old, are showing signs of deterioration and are no longer in compliance with current playground safety codes. Playground equipment is very expensive and not funded through the school budget. The PTO budget helps to fund other critical areas including school supplies, teacher support, field trips and enrichment programs. The PTO has been raising funds specifically designated for the playground, but this is proving to be a long process. In the meantime, the structures continue to deteriorate.

In order to make this plan a reality, we will need the help and support of the entire Northfield community. The NES PTO currently has $10,000 in savings dedicated for this playground renovation. The PTO has also submitted many grant applications and also has fundraising events planned for the spring of 2018 with the proceeds specifically benefiting the playground. Together, we can raise the funds needed to give the children a safer playground and give the town a more appealing community space.

Current “Big Kids” Structure (ages 5-12) – approximately 18 years old

































Current “Little Kids” Structure (ages 2-5) – over 20 years old